Meet $GRUM
The ultimate Bitcoin meme coin
📢 New Nicegram Partnership 📢

🚀 We’re sure you’ve heard of $DOGE, $SHIB, and $PEPE, the meme coins that mooned on Ethereum 🚀

👀 But did you know there’s meme coins on Bitcoin, too? Because there are. And we’re helping you get in early on this new craze by partnering with the first genuine meme built on Bitcoin, $GRUM! 👀

🐾 $GRUM is a fair-launch, community-owned token, with over 2,000 people already holding its 21 billion tokens (making it one of the most widely-held tokens on Bitcoin, but you’re still very early) 🐾

🔥 The team has big plans to list $GRUM on a major exchange soon, so if you want to get in on this opportunity (while the price is still low), buy it on Unisat now 🔥

🤫 For information on how to buy and to get an exclusive price (reserved for Nicegram users only), join our group now 🤫

Prepare for the ride of your life 😼💥