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Nicegram is a Telegram API-based messenger that offers enhanced opportunities for business and personal communication alike. Nicegram fully supports all Telegram updates and serves as a brilliant alternative for those who would like to get more functions and features than the standard Telegram client provides.


Why Nicegram? It’s Fast, Secure & Convenient!

Powered by Telegram
Powered by Telegram
Nicegram is the best way to enjoy everything Telegram has to offer without any restrictions. It uses an open source Telegram API and supports updates from the official client, giving you full access while still on your favorite messaging app!
Private & Secure
Private & Secure
The information you send via the Nicegram messenger is encrypted and stored on Telegram servers to ensure your safety. We do not collect any personal data, so there's no need for concern!
Diverse Integrations
Diverse Integrations
The most necessary tools for modern people and businesses are now in one place with Nicegram. You'll never have to install another app!

Open Source

Nicegram is an open source messenger, with its code published on GitHub. This guarantees the transparency of our interaction with user data and ensures safe communication in the app.

Nicegram Features

The Business Extensions are a comprehensive solution that provides access to the most needed and cutting-edge business technologies.

Set up unlimited accounts to separate business and personal communication!
Instantly translate incoming messages without leaving the chat!
Select quick replies from the list of standard message templates!
Hide your accounts from prying eyes with the help of double bottom!
Translate your own messages into any foreign language right in the chat!

Hear it from our Community!

Finally found an app where I can manage all my 6 accounts!!! Plus a nice bonus – I can easily access any blocked chats . Fels like ive unlocked a hidden level in messaging apps
Great that there's already a translator in the app – no need for extras to chat with foreigners. But what's even better is a builtin AI. It's good to have a companion that helps with sorting out my owm thoughts 😄
don't mean to say I'm paranoid or have anything to hide but the sense of security in using secret chatrooms and the 'double bottom' feature feels good to me
Im really into sending video messages to my friends, and it was such a surprise to find out that Nicegram lets me send not only freshly shot ones but also share any pre-recorded ones in the same way. Love 🫶

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